What can be contained in homeowners insurance


What is homeowners insurance?

Generally speaking, a compliant homeowners insurance covers your house, other assets in the house, such as some smart furniture, personal belongings, and even your medical expenses. Some may include the process of rebuilding and repairing your house.

So what you need to do is estimate the value of your house and all the things it contains, and then choose a suitable policy based on the insurance you currently need for your house.


The following will explain some basic content that almost covers all homeowners insurance:

Housing insurance:

Housing insurance can permanently ensure the safety of your house. For example, if your house is damaged due to natural disasters, floods, or earthquakes, you can apply for corresponding compensation or apply for repairing the house, and this cost will be provided by the insurance company.

In addition to housing insurance, for example, there are other attached areas in your home, including an underground garage, a small garden you may have built yourself, or some roads. If these assets suffer losses, there is an insurance called other structures, which will cover expenses outside of the house, so this insurance may cover the cost of damage to some attachments.


Personal asset insurance

Personal assets may be subject to theft and damage, so in the face of this situation, we can purchase personal asset insurance, which covers many areas, but there are also some specific areas that are not covered, including some valuable jewelry, antiques, etc. However, if you want to apply for insurance for these valuable items, you can also purchase additional insurance, such as if your home has suffered a burglary, So if a lot of things have been invested in your home, the compensation you can get is calculated based on your losses, combined with the maximum limit of the policy you purchased, and of course, some deductible items will also be deducted.

Compensation clause after damage

In some cases mentioned above, for example, if your house needs to be repaired for a month and you do not have a reasonable accommodation or dining equipment during this period, you can apply for a certain amount of compensation within the maximum insurance limit you have purchased. This fee will include your expenses outside this month, including food and accommodation, so you must keep the receipt well, And the cost that insurance can apply for is usually higher than your actual expenses.


Some coverage of personal liability insurance

Generally speaking, this involves the field of your property. For example, if you order a takeout and the delivery person accidentally falls at your home while delivering it, they need to go to the hospital for treatment, and they sue you for certain compensation fees, work delay fees, and other expenses. If you purchase personal liability insurance, this can be covered by your policy.

medical expense

If you invite some friends to come and play at home, but the friend brings her child, and the child accidentally breaks his arm or causes some other losses during the play, and the friend needs you to pay for a certain amount of medical expenses, then if you have purchased medical insurance before, it can also be included in this cost.